My Dogs


Slieve Caleb (Caleb) {WT Ch Anasonata Drovers Dilemma x Slieve Aurora}

07th July 2002 – 17th August 2015

Caleb is a very different prospect to Jack, very quiet, unassuming but with a work ethic second to none. An absolute dream to train and handle his has taken me to the very top in the sport, both here in the UK and in 2006 to the FCI Agility World Championships in Switzerland. We have represented GB on 3 separate occasions, qualified for the European Open final twice, Olympia finals 3 times, Crufts singles finals twice and won 2 national finals (Power & Speed 2008 & DIN Classic 2009). His successes were huge, and he presented a threat whenever we were on the start line. Working with Caleb taught me the value of good, consistent foundation training. 


Slieve Digit (Digit) {Hope x Slieve Breeze}

I swore I’d never own a bitch but then along came Digit. A relation to Caleb but as different in attitude as you could imagine. Spirited would be one way to describe her but what she lacks in stature she more than makes up for in character. Having been trained in Caleb’s shadow she has had a lot to prove and now is starting to show her own potential. Having taken time out to raise three litters, Digit is now competing at grade 7 has qualified for Crufts team finals twice and the KC Olympia Stakes finals in 2010. All 8 pups from her two litters so far are progressing well. Most are qualifying through the grades of their own sports including Blake who has qualified CDx – WDx and now works at Championship level in working trials and my own Basic who is working grade 7 / Championship level in agility. Her final litter was in November 2012, after a few complications the 3 pups are settling in well to their new homes and the reports I get are very, very encouraging. I look forward to following their development and celebrating their successes. Digit retired in 2014 and enjoys a life of walks and toys and food!

Flickflack Basic Model (Basic) {Stardell Musca CDx-TDx x Slieve Digit)

Basic is the first home bred dog I have owned and he is showing his worth and breeding very nicely. His early training was interrupted by my own surgery and injuries but in hindsight this has served him well as he is maturing both emotionally and physically and I am very excited about what we will achieve together. Basic was  the third dog I qualified to take to the KC Olympia finals. In recent times Basic has presented many challenges, he has character quirks that can catch me out when least expected and are very difficult to overcome as I cannot recreate the situation in a training scenario. In spite of this I believe Basic has made me a better trainer and handler and I am learning to develop a mentality and focus that enables me to reflect and use these instances for our further development and am proud to say we are making great progress in this. I am grateful to Basic, he has taught me more than all my other dogs, on and off the agility course.

Rule of Thumb at Flickflack (Thumb) {Cadella Buzz x Saxelbye Smartie Pants}

thumbI have only ever owned and trained large dogs, albeit it collies, retrievers and a GSD, but never a small dog. So I researched a few breeds and lines and bought Thumb in March 2011. What an eye opener that has been. I have never accepted that breeds of dog are ‘different’ and need to be trained differently and I still hold true to that. Thumb is as different from all my large dogs as they are from each other, she has strengths and weaknesses that I can work with and train for. She has drive and motivation for toys and food and will work until she drops, this is all I want from my dogs. Whilst I don’t believe her behaviours are determined by her breed, her character is certainly shaped by her size, or lack of it. She can manipulate almost anything or anyone to do what she wants and if she can’t she will think long and hard and still get the end result she wants. She keeps me on my toes 24/7, there appears to be no such thing as ‘can’t’ in Thumb’s world, just obstacles to be got around. Thumb, you have taught me patience and calmness in abundance, thank you!

Omega Finch at Flickflack (Finch) {Spot x Nell}

What a sweetie, a pure trials bred Border Collie from North Wales. He is only 20months old and I am so excited by his potential. His power and scope remind me of Caleb; what more could I want?? A complete loving clown at home but developing a very serious and driven work ethic, more to come on him as we develop our partnership.

Update: Finch has ‘passed’ all his health tests, hipscore, elbow score and ALL genetic traits ‘Normal’.